Free Pascal

Free Pascal 3.0

Free Pascal is a 32-, 64-, and 16-bit professional Pascal compiler

Free Pascal is an open-source development environment that allows you to write Pascal code, and also debug and compile it. Although, Pascal is not as popular as it was some years ago, still it is a widely used programming language. This application will provide you with all the necessary tools to help you write Pascal programs of various complexity levels.

Free Pascal reminds of the “famous” Turbo Pascal. Their graphical user-interfaces are quite similar and many tools from Turbo Pascal are included in this small program as well.

Version 2.6 of Free Pascal comes with a lot of new features, as well as improvements. Many of them are focused on providing Mac users with all the necessary tools to help them develop applications with their systems (it supports Objective-Pascal dialect). Also, Free Pascal is now available in many languages. In addition to this, the compatibility with Delphi has been improved.

Free Pascal will surely come in handy to programmers that are still writing code in Pascal programming language.

Margie Smeer
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  • Open-source program
  • It is supported in a great number of operating systems
  • Comes with a lot of documentation


  • No disadvantages were found
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